About Us

Cannon Pharmacists

Cannon Pharmacy has been providing friendly service and great prices in the Charlotte, NC area since we were established in 2002. Unlike the big pharmacy chains, we get to know our patients personally and take the time to understand and cater to their individual needs. With six locations in the Charlotte area, as well as an online pharmacy with FREE local delivery, we want to be your family’s partner in healthcare.

Our Pharmacy Locations

We offer 6 pharmacy locations around Charlotte in order to serve you best:

Online Pharmacy

In order to help our customers focus on getting and staying healthy, we offer a convenient online pharmacy that makes it easy to quickly order, refill, or transfer prescriptions. We even deliver your prescriptions right to your door – for free!

We Can Meet Your Needs!

Our licensed pharmacists are Medicare Part D specialists and are experts in a wide variety of pharmaceutical needs, and they are always ready to answer any questions you may have! We specialize in serving needs including, but not limited to:

  • Fertility medications
  • Pain & symptom management
  • Medication review
  • Anti-aging and functional medication
  • Foreign travel products and immunizations
  • Customized hormone replacement therapy for women and men
  • Diabetic medicine
  • Holistic health care
  • Hospice needs
  • Diet and weight management
  • Skin conditions

Above all, we ensure your overall health and wellness. Cannon Pharmacy is your personalized, dedicated neighborhood drugstore, and we look forward to serving you and your family!

Why Choose Us?