Patient Testimonials

  • carrie
    "The people at Canon Pharmacy are very knowledgeable, and I’m proud they’re in our community serving it like they do. Sometimes when I can’t get to the store, they will deliver FREE to my home. Rain, sleet, snow, Cannon is always there. They even give us FREE consultation every year on Medicaid Part D to show us the plan that’s best for our income. I wouldn’t give Cannon Pharmacy up for the world!"
    Carrie Johnson
    Kannapolis, NC
  • steve
    "First thing I hear when I walk through the door is, ‘Hey, Steve, how you doing today?’ You don’t get that in many places. They provide the best service that I have ever experienced in any business I’ve come across in my life. The Medical supplies I purchased through Cannon didn’t cost as much as I thought they would, and always work perfect."
    Steve Napier
    Mooresville, NC
  • paul
    "Not only will they price match, but Cannon Pharmacy also treats you like family when you walk through the door. I wouldn’t go anywhere else."
    Paul Bernesser
    Mooresville, NC
  • john
    "Cannon has delivered prescriptions for my wife and I for the last three years, and their service has always been super...never a problem!"
    John Smith
    Charlotte, NC