Pharmacy Technician


The primary purpose of this position is to assist the Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician with serving customers and maintaining the Pharmacy, Sales Floor, and DME departments. This position also coordinates with the Accounting Department in accordance to IRS guidelines. The incumbent is also required to perform all tasks in a safe manner consistent with corporate policies and state and federal laws.



  • Processing of prescriptions in computer
  • Positive attitude towards customers and fellow employees
  • Counting & labeling prescriptions
  • Pull stickers on all products used for reordering.
  • Ordering, stocking, and returning drugs and OTC products.
  • Stocking store supplies.
  • Communications – answer phones, e-prescribe, faxes, messages, fax box, delivery box.
  • Assisting with all clerk activities above as needed.
  • Deliveries – expedite and prepare orders to be delivered efficiently and on-time
  • Any other tasks as required by pharmacists as part of normal pharmacy operation.
  • Restocking and operating ScriptPro machine (if applicable).
  • Attend occasional store meetings outside of normal working hours (Sundays, etc.).
  • Assist the Pharmacy Manager in the training of new staff.
  • Maintain adequate knowledge & awareness regarding Medicare Part D and flu shots.
  • Obey Pharmacy Laws – Pseudofed Sales, Counseling Law, CII ID Law, Medicare Fraud Waste and Abuse, Conflict of Interest, Credit Card Security, HIPAA, etc

Bay A Day (Inventory Management)

  • Control numbers – is the number appropriate and in stock?
  • Outdates – orange sticker that expire w/in 1 year and pull w/in next month
  • Overstock – Return overstock to Mutual Drug by the next day
  • Label – current item number, drug name, and package size
  • Computer – enter appropriate drug into Pharmaserv ideally with one listing

Mutual Order – Review the order at the end of night (assign one tech each night)

  • Review order bin plus get shelf to control number
  • Review items over $200 (do we need and/or can we put on Big Order?)
  • Review SO items
  • Review Zeroed Items (should we order from VIP or get from other store?)

Closing Procedures

  • Organizing and filing of prescription hard copies
  • Restock pharmacy supplies including vials, bottles, rx bags, fax/printer paper, pens/markers/highlighters/staples
  • Bring computers down to desktop,
  • Change back-up tape
  • Empty trash cans & confidential materials, etc.

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